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Football Tailgate Party

November 5, 2013

Whether you’re taking it on the road or attending a neighborhood party, you’ll be the envy of die-hard tailgaters everywhere when they walk past your Outdoor Theater System at the next big game! Get to the game early and claim the best spot for the “best seats in the house”! While others are fumbling to find a visible location for their laptops, tablets, and small portable TV’s, you and your family will be relaxing in your Snuggies watching the pre-game show! You might want to bring a few extra snacks and lawn chairs for all the attention your Outdoor Theater System is going to attract!

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Outdoor Theater Systems provides an unmatched viewing experience for homeowners, businesses, cities, parks, and more, all via high-quality projection available in a range of sizes to meet your needs. From portable systems for backyard movies and corporate presentations to full-scale drive-in theater screens, we offer a versatile collection to turn any occasion into a memorable success. There's no better way to ensure a flawless experience from the backyard to the board room and beyond.
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