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Multi-Functional Equipment: Getting the Most Out of Your Theater System

May 15, 2019

While our theater system components are all designed to operate smoothly and seamlessly together, they have may other uses individually!

Tripods: Our strong commercial grade steel tripods can be used for other musical equipment and lighting! Not only that but they come in super handy as supports for the most epic backyard tents and blanket forts ever!

Speakers: Maybe you’re not hosing an evening movie but you’re throwing a party during the day and you need some great tunes! Hook up your phone to the active speaker using an RCA cord and 3.5mm adaptor to insert into the headphone jack and you’ll have the party rockin’ in no time! Stream you favorite playlist right to the speakers! Hint: make sure the volume is all the way up on your phone to control the volume from the back of the speaker.

Projector: Ever thought of using your projector to make cool Halloween special effects? It’s so simple! Just hang your stretch screen, sheet, or sheer shower curtain in a door way or window, point your projector at it and shoot! You can download or purchase numerous ghostly effects to make it appear that a spooky specter is haunting the halls of your house this Halloween! Another fun idea is to project a Halloween classic movie for all the trick or treaters!

Not Just Movies!: One of our favorite things to use our systems for is larger than life gaming! Hook up the classic Nintendo Wii, Play Station, or X Box and get ready to experience extreme gaming! You’re right up in the action like you have never experienced!

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