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Graduation Parties: A Big Day for Your Big Screen

March 31, 2016

Whether you've got a high-school senior stepping into adulthood or a college graduate stepping into the job market, those diplomas and degrees deserve to be celebrated in a big way – and there's no bigger way than projecting them onto your backyard theater system at a graduation party. 

Obviously you'll need to do some videography to create a personalized graduation video to show at your party. Modern consumer-level cameras do an astonishingly good job of capturing smooth high-definition video. But if you don't feel like buying/borrowing/renting a camera and entrusting the shoot to your own hands, you can always hire a professional videographer who has even better equipment (plus a wealth of experience at getting the perfect shots). Once you or the videographer has assembled the finished video, you've got a very special treat to serve up as the centerpiece of your graduation party. 

Is the graduation ceremony taking place at a really big institution such as a state university? If so, then you've got opportunities to record some amazing images, from sweeping panoramas of the school grounds to oceans of students in matching robes and mortarboards, not to mention the huge crowds of proud family members and well-wishing friends abuzz with excitement. Hugs, embraces, cheers, tears – you can capture them all to demonstrate the sheer scale of the event.

Want to add a nifty extra element to your graduation party's big-screen treatment? Grab video at the graduation party – including video of your guests watching video of the graduation ceremony on your outdoor theater system. You can then edit this additional footage into a special “Director's Cut” for the guests. You might even plug your camera into the Optoma projector's HDMI port to display live coverage of your party. It's a big moment – so get it on the big screen!


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